Aherial Polite

High School Science Teacher
“I know my students can be and do anything they set their minds to. As their teacher, I want to help them achieve those dreams.”

Meet the college of education stem teacher ambassadors

Aherial Polite
Current High School Physics Teacher at Chapin High School
May 2014 Graduate from U of SC
Master of Arts in Teaching

Favorite Teaching Moment:
Seeing growth in my students.

Her Science Incentive:
When students love science as much as I do.

Teaching Nickname:
“Dreams Discoverer”

The Story Behind the Nickname:
“I didn’t know I wanted to teach until I explored it as a Teacher‘s Assistant (T.A.) during my undergraduate years,” says Aherial. “I thought I wanted to be in a lab conducting research, but as a T.A., I realized teaching was fun and I was good at it. Now that I’m in the classroom full-time, I‘m finding that I am growing and learning each day, just like my students. It is a career that continues to give me fulfillment. I want to make our future generations the best they can be. Each day I encourage them to discover their dreams and set their mind to conquering them. When my students show achievement and success, I know that I have succeeded as a teacher.”