Anthony Myers

High School Math and Engineering Teacher
“I love getting creative in the classroom. If I can make learning fun, then I know I’m making an impact on a student’s life.”

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Anthony Meyers
Current High School Math Teacher at Keenan High School
2012 Graduate from U of SC
Master of Teaching

Favorite Teaching Moment:
Introducing robots to my class on the first day of school.

His Math Moxie:
The ability to get creative in the classroom.

Teaching Nickname:
“Pi Guy”

The Story Behind the Nickname:
"If you drive behind me on the road, my license plate will probably catch your attention,” says Anthony. “It basically sums me up in two words: ‘Pi Guy.’ I love math and I love teaching math. More importantly, I love making math fun to learn. If I can help students understand the more difficult math concepts through innovative and creative ways, I know I’ve done my job. My favorite lesson for my engineering students instructs them to build robots that operate purely off of solar energy. I’m a firm believer that students will retain information longer if the lesson is hands-on, versus me just reading to them from a textbook. Getting creative with the teaching is what makes being an educator so enjoyable for me.”