Brittany Holl

Future Science Teacher
“I have a passion for teaching people about science.”

Meet the college of education stem teacher ambassadors

Brittany Holl 
Projected May 2015 Graduate of the
Master of Arts in Teaching 
U of SC College of Education

Favorite Teaching Moment:
Helping students explore the world of science.

Her Science Incentive:
Biology. The internal organs are fascinating!

Teaching Nickname:
“Words of Wisdom”

The Story Behind the Nickname:
“Originally, I thought I wanted to go into the medical field when I got to college,” she says. “But after a semester of shadowing doctors, I realized that wasn’t for me. I earned my undergraduate degree in biology and got my first job as a research assistant at an eye research institute. It was during this experience that I realized my passion for interacting with people and teaching them about science. Then it dawned on me that I wanted to be a science teacher. If I had more exposure to teaching during my undergraduate studies, I might have explored teaching as a career option sooner. Either way, I’m here now and excited to get in the classroom.”