Courtney Holden

High School Math Teacher
“I hope to encourage more students to consider teaching as a career option.”

Meet the college of education stem teacher ambassadors

Courtney Holden
Current High School Math Teacher at Dreher High School
2010 Graduate from U of SC
Master of Teaching

Favorite Teaching Moment:
When her students reach that moment of clarity.

Her Math Moxie:
Getting kids excited about math.

Teaching Nickname:
“The Recruiter”

The Story Behind the Nickname:
“I kind of always knew I wanted to teach math,” says Courtney. “But when I got to college, I was one of only a handful of students on track to teaching at the high school level. I knew our state was in need of quality math teachers, so I took
matters into my own hands. For my senior thesis for the Honors College, I focused on raising awareness of the College of Education’s Master of Teaching (M.T.)—a program that allows you to earn two degrees in just five years. My efforts to raise awareness of the M.T. degree have transitioned to where I am today, which is mentoring, coaching, and hopefully recruiting more students to consider the teaching career path. It’s an exciting and also challenging career, and I would not change it for the world!”