Current STEM Teacher

"I can now see that I was so prepared to begin a difficult job, teaching, because I graduated from your program. I see others that graduate from different schools that are not nearly as prepared as I am. Thank you for everything!!"

Crystal Wingard, MAT Mathematics Program
Math Teacher
White Knoll High School


“It’s so rewarding to see the learning happen. It is even more rewarding to see students get excited about a subject like math. That’s what makes me love my job.”

Anthony Myers
High School Math Teacher
Keenan High School, Columbia, SC


“Teaching is fun! I get a lot out of it and really enjoy it. As a teacher, I get to create the exciting environment that I want to work in everyday and that’s really rare to be able to do.”

Ray Patenaude
High School Math Teacher
South Pointe High School, Rock Hill, SC


"Teaching is the best job in the world. I like to tell people that my wife and I are happily married with 700 kids. Not only do I enjoy being around students, but staff as well. The camaraderie that we have is second to none! Teaching provides opportunities to enhance your life and the lives of others. U of SC equips students with the necessary tools and experiences so that they can confidently conquer their first year of teaching."

William Judge
Science Teacher
Bay High School, Bay Village, OH