Gregory Taylor

Future Math and Science Teacher
“Thanks to my experience in the Army, I realized I have a talent for instructing.”

Meet the college of education stem teacher ambassadors

Gregory Taylor
Projected May 2015 Graduate 
Bachelor’s Degree in Middle Level Education
U of SC College of Education

Favorite Teaching Moment:
Helping students get back on track when they don’t understand something.

His Science Incentive:
Experiments that wow the students.

His Math Moxie:
Using technology to help represent abstract concepts.

Teaching Nickname:

The Story Behind the Nickname:
“I guess you could say, I’m not your average college student,” says Gregory. “I’m actually an Army veteran. After nine years in the military I decided I wanted to do something different with my life. As an Army paramedic in the First Infantry, I was always instructing fellow soldiers on combat skills and injuries. I realized that educating others comes naturally to me. What better way to translate that into another job than to teach science and math? As they say in the Army, ‘hooah!’ I’m excited to start this new chapter in my life.”