About Noyce Scholars Grant

Getting a bachelor’s degree in science or mathematics? Planning to be a high school teacher?

The University of South Carolina now has Noyce Scholarships to help academically qualified students with financial need complete a bachelor's degree and MT/MAT certification program.

    • This scholarship funds juniors, seniors, M.T. students and second year MAT science and mathematics students.
    • Qualified students can be awarded up to $11,500 per year to complete a bachelor's degree and an MT/MAT degree program (only 2nd year MAT).   
    • Besides regular coursework, awardees will participate in a special seminar program to help build and support their subject matter content knowledge and teaching skills.
    • Students must apply the last semester of their sophomore year (or possibly junior) year or at the end of your first year in the MAT science/math program.
    • Students must teach high school science or mathematics in a high-need school district for 2 years for each year of Noyce scholarship received.

For more information on how to apply for these scholarships, click here.