Meet Our Current Noyce Scholars


Deanna Deluca

Math - MT

Madey Yarbrough

Environmental Science - MT

Lauren Seidl

Math - Senior

Deanna Deluca Madey Yarbrough Lauren Seidl

 Hailey Hughes

Biology - MT


Ashley Amidei

Chemistry - MT

Richard Martinez

Biology - MT 

Hailey Hughes   Ashley Amidei  richard martinez


Austin Swindler



Charlie Smith

Math - MT

Megan Century

Math - Senior

 Austin Swindler  payton smith Megan Century 

 Georgia Mayes

 Biology - MT


Jordan Stiffler

Biology - MT


Georgia Mayes   Jordan Stiffler MT Biology  



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. (1660700 and 2151036)