Project Based Learning

One of our Noyce project goals is for our scholars to learn about innovative instructional techniques such as project-based learning.  This year we are engaging our scholars in a project in which they are developing content-specific board games to be used with middle or high school students.  We started this project by visiting this website that walks students through the factors that are important in developing a good game:

 Board game creation

This interactive game board developed by Marian Garcia Serrato helps students of all levels investigate existing board games in order to create their own game that is challenging, fun, and in our case—also teaches or engages students in STEM content. 

PieceDesign PiecePrinting PrintingPieces
 Collaboration  MoreCollaboration  MitosisGame

These pictures show some of the steps our scholars and students took to design an engaging and educational game. We are using 3-D printing technology from Central Carolina Technical College (see partner page) to design and print our game pieces. 

Project Based Learning Resources:

Watch the attached video from PBLWorks ( to get a general overview of project-based learning. 

Read this article to get an overview of the Gold Standard Design Elements needed for high quality PBL units:

Find example units:

1. PBLWorks Project Search Tool: 

2 Project based Learning University

3. Expeditionary Learning:

4. Edutopia

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. (1660700)