Tyesha Deas

High School Math Teacher
“I love making math fun and easy for my students.”

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Tyesha Deas
Current High School Math Teacher at Lower Richland High School
2011 Master of Teaching 
Graduate from U of SC

Favorite Teaching Moment:
When students have that “ah-ha!” burst of knowledge and the light bulb goes off.

Her Math Moxie:
Making the hard stuff seem easy.

Teaching Nickname:
“Neighborhood Coach”

The Story Behind the Nickname:
“Growing up, I made really good grades in math,” she says. “Word got round and before I knew it, kids from the neighborhood would come over to our house and ask me to tutor them. I was only 11-years-old, but I must have been doing something right. All the kids I tutored got better grades and test scores after a few sessions with me. I became the neighborhood math coach. Who knew doing what I loved at 11-years-old would turn into such a rewarding career years later.”