Why Choose USC's Teaching Program

So you’ve decided on a career teaching science or mathematics. Now it’s time to figure out what school to attend for your degree. When it comes to deciding the future of your education, you want to pick a school that best meets your needs in academics, financial cost, social programs, and campus life. So why choose the University of South Carolina (USC)?

Here are eight reasons to choose the Teach Science and Mathematics program at USC for your STEM teaching degree:

  1. Hundreds of students have graduated from the Teach Science and Mathematics program and successfully gone on to make a difference in the lives of children through teaching.
  2. Dozens of teachers are involved in the Teach Science and Mathematics program, offering comprehensive leadership and world-class preparation as you advance in your college education.
  3. 100 percent of students graduate with a job waiting for them after graduation.
  4. Did we mention awesome scholarship opportunities!
  5. You aren’t just a number. The College of Education offers a small community and class sizes that encourage interactions among teachers and students.
  6. 5-year Master’s degree. Think of it as a “bonus” year and a pay increase!
  7. Real-life experiences that will show you what it’s like to teach.
  8. Cross-disciplinary experience in your core area of study, plus experience in teaching, so that together you have the knowledge and skills to successfully teach your subject in the classroom