Life and Palmetto Fellows Scholarships

The Life Scholarship and Palmetto Fellows Scholarship are two of the most popular scholarships available to University of South Carolina in-state residents.


Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship STEM Enhancements

Annual value: up to $2,500 beginning sophomore year

Three-year value: up to $7,500

Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship recipients enrolled in certain math and science majors may be eligible for an enhancement award beginning in their second year of enrollment. Eligible students must have completed 14 hours in mathematics or life or physical science, or any combination of both, during their first year. Complete information on the enhancement is available at


USC STEM Supplement

Annual value: $3,300 freshman year only

To support students pursuing degrees in science, math, technology and engineering fields (STEM fields), USC offers this one-time, freshman-year-only award supplement to all admitted freshmen who are named Palmetto Fellows and who enroll in a STEM-eligible major. Visit this page for a list of STEM-eligible majors. The USC STEM Supplement may be added to any other Admissions Merit Award.

* May not be combined with any other Admissions Merit Award, except for Lieber Scholars Award and/or USC STEM Supplement.