Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program

The difference between the MT and MAT program is that the MAT program is designed for students who want to teach high school (grades 9-12) science or mathematics, but have not completed their undergraduate degree in science or mathematics at UofSC-Columbia and/or have not completed the necessary 12-hour core education class requirements. The MT program is offered as a “bonus” 5th year to students who have already completed the undergraduate degree from the UofSC.

In order to qualify for the MAT program, you must meet these requirements:

  • Have an undergraduate degree from any four-year college or university
  • Meet the required coursework in science or mathematics. (Talk to an advisor to see if you need additional coursework to qualify for the MAT program.)
  • Have acceptable recommendation letters and GRE/Miller's scores

The MAT program requires 15 hours in an internship and a teaching seminar; 15 hours in your content teaching area, which would either be science or mathematics; and 18 hours of professional education courses.

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Successfully completing the M.A.T. program at UofSC will earn you your Master’s Degree and state licensure/certification to be a teacher.